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Discover your entitlement with Pluto Money's Gratuity Calculator! If you're an employee of a private company offering EPF facilities, you could be eligible for gratuity after just 5 years of service. In special cases of accidents or illnesses leading to disability, you may even receive gratuity before completing 5 years.

Pluto Money offers a user-friendly Gratuity Calculator, enabling you to determine the amount your organization owes you.

All gratuity payments adhere to the regulations outlined in the Payment of Gratuity Act 1972, considering factors such as your last drawn salary and years of service.

Calculate your Gratuity with Ease:
Our online Gratuity Calculator utilizes a proprietary formula that's meticulously benchmarked against similar offerings in the market.

The formula is as follows:
G = n * b * 15/26

Here's a breakdown of the values:
n: The number of years you've dedicated to the organization.
b: The sum of your last drawn basic salary and Dearness Allowance (DA).
G: The gratuity amount you're entitled to.

For instance, if you've served an organization for 5 years and your monthly basic salary plus DA equals Rs. 30,000, your gratuity entitlement would be 5 * 30,000 * 15/26 = Rs. 86,538.46.

Key Points to Note:
The gratuity amount cannot exceed Rs. 10 Lakh as per existing laws. Any surplus beyond this limit is termed an ex gratia payment.

In case you've served, say, 17 years and 6 months, the figure will be rounded off to the nearest single digit, making it 18 years.

Make informed financial decisions with Pluto Money's Gratuity Calculator, ensuring you receive the rightful benefits you deserve. Secure your future with ease and precision!

How can a Gratuity calculator assist you?

Unlock your entitled gratuity amount with Pluto Money's Gratuity Calculator! As per the provisions of the Payment of Gratuity Act of 1972, you qualify for gratuity if you meet the following criteria:

Near the Age of Superannuation: You're in proximity to the age of retirement as defined by your organization.

Continuous 5 Years of Service: You have completed a minimum of 5 years of uninterrupted service with the same organization.

No Other Full-Time Employer: You are not engaged in full-time employment elsewhere.

Benefits of using Gratuity Calculator

In such instances, leveraging an online gratuity calculator in India offers several advantages:

Accurate Gratuity Estimation: Determine the precise amount you are eligible to receive, ensuring you receive what you deserve.

Time and Resource Savings: Save valuable time and resources by swiftly calculating your gratuity online.

Convenient Home Access: Access the gratuity calculator from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for physical visits or lengthy procedures.

Long-Term Financial Planning: Plan for your future financial goals more effectively by understanding your gratuity entitlement.

Pluto Money's Gratuity Calculator empowers you to make informed decisions, maximizing the benefits you deserve. Experience seamless gratuity calculations and secure your financial well-being today!

Frequently asked questions

What is the Gratuity Calculator offered by Pluto Money?
The Gratuity Calculator by Pluto Money is a valuable tool that helps you estimate the gratuity amount you may receive as an employee after completing a certain period of service. By entering details such as your basic salary, years of service, and retirement age, you can gain insights into your potential gratuity entitlement.
How does the Gratuity Calculator assist in financial planning for retirement?
The calculator enables you to plan for your retirement by providing an estimate of your gratuity amount. This information helps you in assessing your post-retirement finances and making informed decisions to secure your future.
Can the Gratuity Calculator accommodate different employment scenarios?
Yes, the Gratuity Calculator is designed to handle various employment scenarios. Whether you have worked with a single employer for years or changed jobs multiple times, the calculator factors in your cumulative years of service to calculate your gratuity.
Is the Gratuity Calculator applicable to both private and government sector employees?
Absolutely! The Gratuity Calculator is relevant for employees in both the private and government sectors. It assists all eligible employees in understanding the gratuity benefits they may receive upon retirement.
How reliable are the gratuity projections provided by the calculator?
The Gratuity Calculator offers reliable estimates based on the inputs you provide. However, it's essential to note that gratuity calculations may vary based on factors like changes in government regulations or company policies.
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