Smart Savings

Building Financial Safety with Pluto Money

Cultivating Savings Habits

Pluto Money makes saving effortless with our Smart Savings plans, including the Routine and Lumpsum. These automated savings options help you build consistent saving habits, setting you on the path to financial safety.

Seamless Automation

Take the hassle out of saving with Pluto Money's smart technology. Our app runs your savings automatically, so you can stay focused on your financial goals without the stress of manual transfers.

Building Emergency Funds

We understand the importance of having a safety net. Pluto Money helps you build a 6-month emergency fund based on your expenses, ensuring you have financial security during uncertain times.

Financial Awareness and Education

At Pluto Money, we believe in empowering you with financial knowledge. Access educational resources and insights to make informed financial decisions, increasing your financial literacy and confidence.

Leading You to Financial Safety

Our mission is to guide you on your journey to financial security. With personalized plans and expert guidance, Pluto Money supports you in achieving your financial goals, whether it's saving for milestones or making wise investments. Embrace the future of financial safety with Pluto Money!

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Flat No 2A, Klassik Landmark Apts, Amrita Nagar, Kasavanahalli, Sarjapura Road, Bangalore,
Karnataka, 560035

Phone number:  8142157890